1. How do I sign up and receive messages from specific stores?

Signing up for PingRewards™ is simple - just fill out the registration form on our site, select the retailers you would like to receive discounts, promotions or offers from - and then click "Submit".

You will be sent a verification message on your phone. You must reply with the vendor's keyword (which PingRewards™  will provide to you in the initial SMS confirmation) along with the word "OK" in order to complete the registration process.

Once that's done, the text message promotions from the retailers you selected will begin to arrive directly to your mobile phone.


2. How do I access the text messages on my mobile phone?

Each mobile phone has a unique way of accessing text messages. Look for the "Messages" option on the main menu of your mobile phone, and select "Open New" or "Inbox".

The messages will be displayed in the order they were received.


3. How do I delete the messages?

When the message is open select the "Options" button and then select "Delete message".


4. How long does each offer stay valid?

Each mobile offer is valid until you redeem it at the retail store, Web site, store/restaurant or promotion location. In addition, some promotions will have specific end dates defined for you inside the actual text message that you receive.


5. What is the cost for each text message?

The PingRewards™  service is free, however message and data fees may apply. Please check with your carrier for the accurate fees on your plan.


6. Can I set up my account so I only receive a few messages per day?

Yes, PingRewards™  has a unique "My Profile" section on our Web site, where you can choose how many messages you want to receive per day.

www.pingrewards.com/login to enter the secure "My Profile" area of the site and customize how many messages you want to receive per day. You are in complete control!


7. Can I use the mobile offers more than once?

No, the text message offers must be deleted after you redeem them in order to comply with our terms and conditions, as well as to make room for new text message offers.


8. How do I unsubscribe from a specific store?

You can unsubscribe on the PingRewards™  Web site by visiting the "My Profile" section at www.pingrewards.com/login and simply de-selecting that specific store from your Favorites list.


9. How do I unsubscribe from the entire service?

To unsubscribe, simply send a text message from your phone to PING2 (74642) with the word "STOP" in the message. You will immediately be unsubscribed from the service.

Alternatively you can visit the PingRewards™  Web site and unsubscribe in the “My Profile"section:


10. I did not receive any messages after I signed up, what's wrong?

First, check that your phone is turned on and in the network. If you have traveled away from your network area, the messages may not find network coverage, and will only be sent through once you re-enter an area with mobile coverage.

If you still have not received any messages, please send an email to
support@pingrewards.com with your mobile phone number and we will investigate the problem further and get back to you as soon as possible.


11. How do I reach technical support?

You can send an email to support at support@pingrewards.com.


12. Can I request specific promotional offers while I'm in the store?

Yes, many stores provide the option of requesting and receiving their promotional offers when you are in the store.

Look for the PingRewards™  sign in your favorite retail stores, and send an SMS message to PING2 (74642) with the retailer's keyword, which is clearly outlined on the sign.

Your first promotion from that store will be sent to you from PingRewards™  within 20 seconds.


13. Will the stores see my mobile phone number?

NO - your mobile phone number will not be accessed or viewed by any third party, including the retailers. Ping Mobile will be the only company to view, access and store your phone number.

You can rest assured that you will not receive any messages which you did not ask to be sent to you.


14. Who will see my mobile phone number?

Only Ping Mobile. Your phone number will not be accessed or viewed by any third party, including the retail clients and advertising partners.

You can rest assured that you will not receive any messages which you did not ask to be sent to you.


15. Will be mobile number be distributed or sold to any third party?

Absolutely not - PingRewards™  provides you with our full assurance that our customers rely on 100% privacy. Your mobile phone numbers will never be distributed or even viewed by a third party -not even our advertising partners and clients.

PingRewards™  also reviews all the promotional offers before they are sent out to ensure that you are receiving quality, added-value content with absolutely no mobile-SPAM. That is our guarantee.


16. I forgot my user name and/or password

If you've forgotten your user name or password, simply go to www.pingrewards.com/password and follow the instructions to receive a reminder email containing your user name or password.


17. How do I update my profile?

Click on the "Login" link or visit www.pingrewards.com/login to sign in and update, edit or manage your personal PingRewards™ profile.


18. I am visiting another town or State, how do I access stores in that area?

Simply go to the "My Profile" page by logging in from www.pingrewards.com/login and select the state you are visiting - once you make your selection, you will be able to view a list of retailers in that state.

Select the retailers you would like to receive offers from and you are done!

When you get back home, simply reset your profile and your hometown favorites will be Ping'ing you again with all new offers prepared just for you.


19. Can I forward the promotional text message offers to my friends?

Yes! We suggest you enter into our Refer-A-Friend program, where you can earn prizes for referring your friends to PingRewards™ .

Keep checking the PingRewards™  Web site for our monthly promotions and prizes for our exciting referral contests.


20. Do I need to have a certain type of cell phone to use PingRewards™?

Any text enabled cell phone can receive the PingRewards™  messages. We are accepted by the following US carriers: Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Cellular One, Nextel/Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and Virgin Mobile.


21. Can I come back to the site and add more stores?

Yes, you can come back to the site at any time and add more retailers. Simply go to www.pingrewards.com/login, enter your email address and password, and then click on "My Profile" to add more retailers.

We are always adding new stores in your area, so feel free to check back with us periodically to see which new stores you want to add to your profile.

You can also sign up to receive our monthly newsletter which will update you on all the new retailers added in your area.


22. What if my favorite store is not listed, can you add them to PingRewards™ ?
  PingRewards™  would be happy to contact your favorite retailer in order to bring you promotions, sweepstakes, offers and discounts from the vendors you love!

You are invited to recommend your favorite store to PingRewards™ by submitting our online retail advertiser form, or simply send us an email at
info@pingrewards.com with your favorite retailer's name, city and state and we will contact them about joining the PingRewards™ service.

Alternatively you can ask the retailer owners to visit our Web site and sign on as an advertiser